Of all types of audio, sure there must be one that fits you and you, depending on budget, space and interest that you are willing to give them a sound system. Of course, it’s important to clarify why you want to buy yourself a system. If you want something simple for movies and TV programs and music occasionally, you do not need anything else than a modest 2.1 gender or configuration you can rely on standard TV’s speakers. But if you want something more complex to play sound on Blu Ray or HD sound professional players, will be most likely to invest in a type 5.1 or 7.1.

5.1 Home Theater Systems-These systems differ from stereo systems that have five or more channels of amplification, allowing home theater experience type or multi-channel audio (SACD DVD Audio or Audio). Such a system is composed of 5 channels, so-left and right, center (for dialogue in movies and music vocals) and surround left and right, for enhancing surround sound effects and background sound (noise of the city, the restinstruments in a band, etc.). Sub-woofer (or .1 of the scheme, technically called LFE-low frequency emitter) emits low and very low sound that complements the other 5 channels.Thus, it is the sound field effect, the listener is “wrapped” sound and front and rear.Almost all DVD movies and all Blu-Ray are encoded 5.1, so you can enjoy this practical system Whenever you buy or rent a movie.

Home Theater Systems 7.1. These systems have three front channels (left, right, center), two surround channels (left and right) and two rear surround channels and subwoofer of course. Basically, this system can connect 7 speakers speakers, but be very careful about how they accomplish the arrangement, so enjoy the quality and “realism” sound within. The two additional channels from 5.1 surround channels, namely the back, help achieve an enveloping sound field, adding detail and quality sound effects a comparison would be like a little force is 7.1, compared with a 5.1, as a monitor with higher resolution and is capable of playing more detail in the same space. Major companies in the entertainment industry, such as Lucas Arts, Sony and Yamaha have developed proprietary technology in 7.1 sound playback, sound quality you can enjoy home very close to that afforded to the cinema.

2.0 and 2.1 systems. I think we all had at one time a 2.0 or 2.1, which is the simplest sound systems that you might have connected the DVD player or computer. These systems support only two channels, supported by an amplifier, and 2.1 systems have a subwoofer. Such a system is a good choice for a user who has no great pretensions in terms of sound, and just wanting something a step above the guaranteed sound of the TV speakers. Sure, high quality 2.1 systems, but will not provide the experience of the sound field that offers mostly 5.1 and 7.1 systems. 2.0 and 2.1 systems are very good entry level solution for those who are starting out in this area or those who do not want to spend too much money on electronic or not have much space available.