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How do you up a night of karaoke?

If you want to have a karaoke event, during which you, your family and friends you can have great fun, this article can guide you about what to do, from a technical standpoint, not only to concocts a wonderful evening … for a budget that you will not get in debt for the next few months. Such an event can be very simple or very difficult to organize, depending on how long you want to give him, but for a small to medium event (say, with up to 50 people), should you can do without too many problems.

First, you must choose a place to have some friend of the event and the apartment is not a solution. Equipment and especially the noise will be produced during the event can be hosted by a 2-room apartment type “matchbox”. Weather permitting, the concert may be held outside, but must make sure those systems that use audio is not affected by weather or you wake up with a substantial payment from the note that you rented the equipment.

Then you need to decide on the karaoke system that you will use. The most popular (and cheaper, at least as a rental price) is CDG system, using CDs and DVDs, and which is used practically all the smaller clubs karaoke. Obviously, you can opt for more efficient systems that read information from the stick or external hard drives, because these formats can be easily stored and run directly from some gadgets like laptops or tablets or smart phones. A complete installation will include two speakers karaoke stands, a mixer and an amplifier, a CDG, microphones, a monitor / TV to show lyrics and all cables and accessories. In all these is component, make sure you are brands that you can trust, even if not exactly the most famous names on the market, for better spend a few dollars extra than to have to do problems in the middle of the performance.

As amplifiers, you do not need very strong. Basically, you just need a mixer / amplifier with separate controls for channel and an equalizer with seven buttons, a minimal configuration. For amplification, you can choose from brands such access and quality, such as Behringer or Bose.

The greatest attention must be given the type and brand of speakers speakers that you will use, nothing remaining components are quality speakers play sounds if clogged, or high-pitched sound is heard intermittently.

Of course, remember to have available and some microphones, more preferably two, so that the participants might be willing to sing any song in the group and would be a shame you can not wish. So, at least four microphones is more weighted choice and is the number of microphones that is offered in most clubs “serious” karaoke.

Do not forget the accessories, they are very important and can ruin everything if not present. Cables and power supplies, as well as tripods or microphone jacks exchange-all are vital to the development of an evening of karaoke fun.

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Amplifiers, speakers and audio devices

Virtual stores specializing in audio equipment are ready to meet the finest ears

Music is part of our lives. We invaded a private space so much that I came to feel anxious without it, the silence is often very painful, oppressive … How the Internet has largely solved the raw material, keep us and our financial power to buy sculelele that will provide much-needed drug. Amplifiers, audio systems, speakers, subwoofers, audio accessories and various media, all have come to occupy us in the highest degree.Continue running after the fair speaker, the best aplificator is a Sisyphus nonsense …missed a battle before he starts. Part of our great confrontation with technology. Does not get to enjoy the new device is purchased as a market place to another and more powerful. Thus, all products are technological gadgets, obsolete objects from birth. Even if you acknowledge the problem of the modern world you can not handle all the temptations …

Equipment for nostalgia

Fortunately, computers and digitizing music we have partially escaped the obsession with audio systems. Well, there are still many nostalgic of analog media, physical or bona fide buyers who prefer to buy the original CD to ensure that as much as you it, support your favorite artist’s creation. But you will see with astonishment that there are still CD and DVD players, professional pick-ups and various hi-fi audio systems. Yes, because there is another category of users for an independent tool for music playback is vital.

Speakers or profane users about

But once in the speakers, touch a sensitive issue for most music lovers. Beyond the purely technical specs, now we are dealing with raw experience of listening quality. A powerful speaker system can transform an ambient sound admosfera a revelation. Try to listen to your favorite song on a simple 2.1 speaker or by calling embedded in laptop speakers. Yes, face piece, we touch a chord, but the essence escapes us. Listen to the same piece of music through a speaker system professional, no matter their number or power released. Although the same music, new receptors, vibrate or … Music pours over us, in us, are achieved exactly the target string composer, those centers are activated that signals that we are dealing with something nice … Although this is quite nice …Ultimately our subjective sensitivity is not questioned, but an objective fact: a tool that allows music to reach us.

Amplifier – the heart that gives life sounds

A powerful speaker system or only those speakers that give them life would not be worth anything without an amplifier as. Fortunately, speakers for home users come with the on-board amplification, so no need to buy a dedicated amplifier. But connoisseurs and enthusiasts phenomenon will not be pleased with this version. For these speakers must be strings amplifier as those that allow them to fine tune their ear required exercise. Here you go, but in a reserved area or professionals or enthusiasts who are ready to invest small fortunes in audio equipment. We, mere mortals, we remain tributary 5.1 speaker systems offered by almost all hypermarkets ridiculous prices even somewhat outside phenomenon. Pet shops have moved online, away from laymen, but true haven for those with fine ear, always ready to make financial efforts memorable audio experience. After is a vice and a gateway to another world: the world of universal essences!

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How to put up a professional sound studio

It’s easier than ever to set up a professional studio, home or as an extension of an existing studio. For many, such a studio seems extraordinary effort, but according to production needs, not more difficult (or expensive) to achieve efficient than a game room or purchase of sports equipment performance. Of course, we are talking professional audio systems, which help you to record a music album or other professional audio, and not a few MP3s that you send to friends.

Now unlike some (perhaps many) years, computer has become the most important in a studio. They have reached a level of development so advanced that not even need to buy a super computer to equip your studio environment as a computer performance and price may be enough-you just need a motherboard sound slightly better, a dual core and at least 2-3 GB of RAM, a configuration accessible to anyone who wants a studio performance somewhat. In fact, there are models of Apple computers dedicated or intended for running on Windows audio studio, so you will not have to worry about the choice of all components.

Now, let’s move on to some more sensitive and more specific to the studio and on top of the list can go without a speaker system performance problems. Of course, this set up is part and as an amplifier. Speakers are very important in a studio because, unlike headphones, permits a much richer sound while recording, to the “foreground” and the “background”, headphones or speakers so that no simple allow it too. Headphones are good for detection of fine tuning elements of sound or frequency, but the raw material needed professional speakers.

There are many brands to choose from professional speakers, one of the most popular brands in niche professional entry level is Behringer. In fact, the “folk” music connoisseurs and professionals, Behringer’s brand of bedside sound for any professional activity, but has a more limited budget. An amplification system is also very important because it allows the sound from the instrument to be played in electrical signal, which then be heard on the speakers. A quality amplifier will provide more high-fidelity sound without signal cover too much “mud”.

In addition, ideally you should have available a complete set of tools you can use it when bands have recorded in your studio programming. This solution might be more comfortable and more professional than to adapt to all types of instruments (many sub-standard) that some clients may present. Then, it’s much easier to attract customers if you provide as many facilities, considering that most bands repeated quite a bit small studies have own equipment.

Another very important for a studio is a microphone or a good set of microphones, able to record with as little noise and as close to real sound of the instrument. Microphones are an important part of the registration process, so you should turn to those that offer quality and precision, and not necessarily for the cheapest.

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