If you want to have a karaoke event, during which you, your family and friends you can have great fun, this article can guide you about what to do, from a technical standpoint, not only to concocts a wonderful evening … for a budget that you will not get in debt for the next few months. Such an event can be very simple or very difficult to organize, depending on how long you want to give him, but for a small to medium event (say, with up to 50 people), should you can do without too many problems.

First, you must choose a place to have some friend of the event and the apartment is not a solution. Equipment and especially the noise will be produced during the event can be hosted by a 2-room apartment type “matchbox”. Weather permitting, the concert may be held outside, but must make sure those systems that use audio is not affected by weather or you wake up with a substantial payment from the note that you rented the equipment.

Then you need to decide on the karaoke system that you will use. The most popular (and cheaper, at least as a rental price) is CDG system, using CDs and DVDs, and which is used practically all the smaller clubs karaoke. Obviously, you can opt for more efficient systems that read information from the stick or external hard drives, because these formats can be easily stored and run directly from some gadgets like laptops or tablets or smart phones. A complete installation will include two speakers karaoke stands, a mixer and an amplifier, a CDG, microphones, a monitor / TV to show lyrics and all cables and accessories. In all these is component, make sure you are brands that you can trust, even if not exactly the most famous names on the market, for better spend a few dollars extra than to have to do problems in the middle of the performance.

As amplifiers, you do not need very strong. Basically, you just need a mixer / amplifier with separate controls for channel and an equalizer with seven buttons, a minimal configuration. For amplification, you can choose from brands such access and quality, such as Behringer or Bose.

The greatest attention must be given the type and brand of speakers speakers that you will use, nothing remaining components are quality speakers play sounds if clogged, or high-pitched sound is heard intermittently.

Of course, remember to have available and some microphones, more preferably two, so that the participants might be willing to sing any song in the group and would be a shame you can not wish. So, at least four microphones is more weighted choice and is the number of microphones that is offered in most clubs “serious” karaoke.

Do not forget the accessories, they are very important and can ruin everything if not present. Cables and power supplies, as well as tripods or microphone jacks exchange-all are vital to the development of an evening of karaoke fun.

Source: Subwoofer Auto